Dentsu Aegis Network - Innovation Council

The Innovation Council is made up of leaders from the Dentsu Aegis Network with a focus on driving innovative thinking through initiatives for client partners and staff. This website was created to inform people of upcoming events, showcase their initiatives, as well as a blog featuring articles written by members of the Innovation Council.

I was the developer, and worked with a couple of designers at Isobar. As it was for the Innovation Council, we also wanted the site itself to be a little innovative. It features some nice UI animation that aims to delight the user, yet subtle enough as to not be distracting. Take a look at some of these animations in the video below:

The tech stack is also something that I was quite excited about. Being a brand new project, I pretty had free reign with the only restraint being the deadline. It's built upon Keystone.js, which is a Node.js CMS. It has a lot of basic blog features out-of-the-box, but also gives you full control to pretty much do whatever you please with it. It's something that I would defintely consider using again.

I decided on going with Vue.js for this project. I like Vue for this type of site. It provides you with some structure and allows you to add functionality to components when needed with ease. It also handles animations nicely, which was important for this project. Other technologies used include Handlebars for templating, Sass for styling, Webpack, Babel, and Gulp to bring it all together.

Another thing that I was excited to use was Cloudinary for image hosting. Not only do you get to take advantage of a fast CDN, it also greatly reduced the amount of time required to create and optimise responsive images. As you can create the different sized images dynamically and also specify how to optimise them. I love that it allows you to convert images to WEBP or JPEGXR format dynamically depending on the browser, so many perf wins, I highly recommend it.

Overall a successful project that I enjoyed working on at Isobar.

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